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Week 6 Story: Storybook Research

In my first storybook research post I dove into the origins of the east Asian mythology that inspired several of the spirits in Avatar: The Last Airbender.  However, this time I wanted to do more research on the origins of the spirit characters as told in the Avatar universe by their writers.  I found that there was tons of official information that wasn't officially in the series that I didn't even know existed.  The writers have written books and backstories about future and previous avatars aside from our current protagonist Aang.  Several of these avatars had recurring encounters with various spirits who they fought or made peace with in their lifetimes.  For example, one of the characters I was going to write about was the lion turtle.  These are supposed to parallel the great "world turtles" in Chinese and Hindu mythology.  In the Avatar universe, these turtles not only held civilizations on their backs, but also granted humans with the powers of an elements wh…

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